Your donation saves lives. Every euro counts!


Please transfer your chosen amount to one of our bank details:

To enable us to allocate your donation, please indicate the name of the account holder as the reason for payment. If a donation receipt is desired, please include the postal address.

Syriac Cross e.V.
IBAN: DE69 2019 0003 0031 9458 05
Hamburger Volksbank


Syriac Cross e.V.
IBAN: DE17 2005 0550 1262 2318 20
Hamburger Sparkasse

IBAN: SE83 9500 0099 6026 0779 3078


Nordea Bank

IBAN: BE36 0689 0634 4381


Belfius Bank

Help where it is urgently needed

Due to the war in Syria, over 12 million people are on the run. They have lost everything and are fighting for bare survival.Some have already left the country, but the majority of them are currently still there and holding out.

Let’s help them there on the ground, so they do not have to leave their country. Let’s give them a spark of hope and the strength to stay to rebuild their country after the war.
Your donation, no matter the amount, saves lives. That’s why please donate now.


For all donations that are claimed as special expenses in the tax return, the tax office requires a donation receipt. For amounts up to 300 euros, however, a so-called simplified donation receipt is usually sufficient. A copy of the remittance slip or bank statement can be submitted for this purpose.

If the amount is higher than 300 euros, you need a donation receipt from us, which we will be happy to send you. Please leave us your address details at Contact.